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 Post subject: Digame usted señora? No se llevaría un par de SAMs por las d
 Post Posted: Wed Sep 22, 2004 7:16 am 
Amigo de la casa
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Ayer me llegó esto por mail y creo que vale la pena compartirlo con el resto del mundo..... Para ser sincero casi no puedo controlar el deseo de hacer click en las dos direcciones, que son lincks claro está. 8)
Espero nadie se ofenda. ;)

Welcome to our web site www.shadowcrew.com/phpBB2/index.php

Please use in case of our domain outage.

You\'re invited to shop for large selection of bombs and different
kinds of rockets such as surface-to-air,
surface-to-surface and weaponry available at reduced price. With the
following types of rockets you will be
able to commit terrorist attacks, destroy buildings, electric power
stations, bridges, factories and anything
else that comes your mind. Most items are in stock and available for
next day freight delivery in the USA.
Worldwide delivery is available at additional cost. Prices are

Please feel free to inquire by ICQ # 176928755 or contacting us


Today special:

******* AIR BOMBS *******
OFAB-500U HE fragmentation air bomb
Fuel-air explosive air bombs -Not in stock
BETAB-500U concrete-piercing air bomb
ZB-500RT incendiary tank
500-KG SIZE RBK-500U unified cluster bomb
RBK-500U OAB-2.5PT loaded with fragmentation submunitions
RBK-500U BETAB-M loaded with concrete-piercing submunitions-Not in
RBK-500U OFAB-50UD loaded with HE fragmentation submunitions

Main-purpose unguided aircraft rockets
S-8 unguided aircraft rockets
S-8BM-Not in stock
S-13 unguided aircraft rockets
S-13, S-13T, S-13-OF, S-13D, S-13DF
S-24B -Not in stock
RS-132-Not in stock

******* ROCKET PODS *******
B-8M pod for S-8 rockets
B-8V20-A pod for S-8 rockets
B-13L pod for S-13 rockets

Recently received *NEW*

Hydra 70 2.75 inch Rockets
Air-Launched 2.75-Inch Rockets
FIM-92A Stinger Weapons System
Stinger 101: Anti-Air

Our clients are well known Al-Qaida, Hizballah, Al-Jihad, HAMAS, Abu
Sayyaf Group and many other terrorist groups. We are well known
supplier in the market and looking forward to expand our clientage
with assistance of Internet.

Do not hesitate to contact us via ICQ # 176928755

Impatiently awaiting for your orders,

 Post subject:
 Post Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2004 3:44 pm 
Amigo de la casa
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:x HEY !! el primer link no anda y yo quiero mis bombas!


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